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Penis enlargement.
Fast and effective.

Penilarge programme will help you achieve:

    without pain and troubles.
    without troublesome exercises.

PENILARGE is a revolutionary diet supplement based on natural, herbal ingredients which will help you enlarge the penis to the size you deserve.


Additional centimeters.
Natural and pleasant.

Innovative cream for penis enlargement. The results will exceed your most brave expectations:

    without pain and troubles.
    without troublesome exercises.

First effects may be noticed already after a few weeks since the start of the therapy!


Bigger and well-cared for penis

Use it about 10 minutes before having sex
- It works up to 30 minutes!

  • INCREASE your SIZEstrong> up to 4 cm,
  • PENIS THICKENING up to 2 cm

The nourishing spray PENILARGE+ is rich in active plant extracts. The penis is stimulated, soothed and protected.

Complexed reaction guarantees nourished skin, stronger and faster every day tissue growth at once.


Lubricant + effective enlargement

Thanks to intensive hydration the skin is firm, hydrated and smoothed out.

Amazing effects:

  • up to 8 cm BIGGER PENIS,
  • PENIS THICKENING up to 4,5 cm,
  • strengthening and enlarging of your manhood.

Enjoy your new, bigger penis thanks to PENILARGE+. The gel contains substances which have positive influence on the improvement of sexual life.


PENILARGE ®Innovative Family of Penis Enlargement Products

PENILARGE is a penis enlargement product consisting of 4 products.

PENILARGE - Forces of nature in the service of your masculinity

The mystery of PENILARGE lies in the use of natural ingredients of the highest quality. Plant extracts stimulate penile cells for growth. They rejuvenate and invigorate. They start natural processes of regeneration in your body so you may enjoy the size you have always dreamt about. This is the true revolution in penis enlargement.

Tissues of a penis have specific needs which require an especially selected care program.

Complex and effective solution

PENILARGE has been created in order to enlarge the penis and to support masculinity development. The supplementation also replenishes important dietary ingredients, providing complex action for the body.

The rejuvenating gel PENILARGE + is dedicated to extender therapy, enriched with active plant extracts and natural antioxidants. The expanding penis is stimulated, soothed and protected, it regenerates and grows faster and more profoundly.

Full control over your sexual life thanks to the newest scientific discoveries

The incredible efficiency of PENILARGE is a result of using active, natural ingredients and technologically advanced components ensuring penetration to the deepest tissues of the penis. The synergy effect has been achieved thanks to the appropriate proportion and the highest, continuously improved, quality. Awake your body and masculinity thanks to the strength enchanted in this incredible product.

Our revolutionary solutions are an effect of work of an international team of biotechnologists, botanists, doctors, cosmetologists and dietary experts. Acting together, they have created the most effective and safe method of penis enlargement available on the market.

The highest and guaranteed quality.

PENILARGE are a high quality products which, in contrast to many other formulations available on Polish market, are fully natural. Herbal ingredients it contains are obtained from organically cultivated herbs. Proper cultivation, harvest and processing, conforming to the requirements of the ISO 22000 standard, HACCP standards and Dutch guarantee system for NZVT dietary supplements guarantees the highest quality of the product for you.

Get to know testimonies of our customers related to our products.

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  • I generally do not believe in the scams like diet supplements bought over Internet, but I have been encouraged to buy PENILARGE by positive comments from the users. I noticed very quickly that I last longer, my back then wife (...) Przemysław, 38 from Szczecin
    4/5 stars
  • Heya, I will tell you my story: My first holidays with a girl, chance for the first fun, sun, a beach in my home country of Spain and... tight shorts. I was ready for her laughter and a total catastrophe (...)” Carlos, 25, Kraków-Madryt
    4/5 stars
  • Recently, I was quite shy, I was sitting at home, playing video games, watching TV. One day a friend told me his secret over a beer - PENILARGE! I decided to try it out. I quickly noticed the first effects and after 4 months (...) Krzysiek, 21, Ostróda
    5/5 stars
  • Maybe it sounds stupid, but PENILARGE has changed my whole life. Since childhood I had a problem with a really small penis. The urologist to which my parents took me said that I'm suffering from a micropenis condition and that there is no cure for that (...) Adam 48, Piekary
    5/5 stars
  • Przez całe życie chciałem mieć większego penisa. Bo ten którego posiadałem był żałosnym żartem natury. Budził u napotkanych kobiet litość i śmiech. Z byłą żoną ożeniłem się w zasadzie dlatego, bo była jedyną kobietą, która mnie chciała (...) Ryszard 46, Siedlce
    5/5 stars
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